KINDNESS POLICE (A story about fickle people)

Now, of course I have had plenty of experience with people like that: the full range from mild to extra hot bitches, from the subtle frenemies to the full-on social food chain hoes. But I walked away from my brief encounter wondering why it still unnerved me. I shouldn’t give a damn, right?

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Defining Moments (A Lesson from a Father)

I was eavesdropping and what I heard made my heart sink.   The father said to his son “No, you can’t go and play. Remember what I told you…”   I was expecting him to say “….you need to do your chores first.”   My kids & I were on our way to the park but I was desperate that they not interrupt my listening pleasure, so … Continue reading Defining Moments (A Lesson from a Father)

Think Before You Speak

We were talking about, pregnancy, babies, stretch marks and labour. Stories were flying thick and fast. I had lots to say!   In a moment of sheer excitement, I turned to the woman sitting next to me and said “Right?! Did you also suffer from morning sickness with your two?! Blahhh”   She laughed. I cringed. She laughed some more. I cringed some more.   … Continue reading Think Before You Speak

Not Part of The Deal! 

I take my children to the park to WATCH them play. So when I see another mother jumping, sliding, tumbling and screaming “weeeee” on the roundabout, I get annoyed. Not because she’s got more energy than me. Not even because she’s getting the cardio workout I need much more than her. No, I get irritated because it gives my kids ideas. Stupid ideas. So, there … Continue reading Not Part of The Deal!