Not Part of The Deal! 

I take my children to the park to WATCH them play. So when I see another mother jumping, sliding, tumbling and screaming “weeeee” on the roundabout, I get annoyed. Not because she’s got more energy than me. Not even because she’s getting the cardio workout I need much more than her. No, I get irritated because it gives my kids ideas. Stupid ideas. So, there … Continue reading Not Part of The Deal! 

Rejection is NOT Fatal

Many years ago I met a new woman. I was immediately drawn to her.  I liked her presence.  She walked into a room and you knew she was there.   Unfortunately the feeling was not mutual.  Regrettably, the woman with presence dismissed mine.  More than once. I didn’t feel good about it.  And no, I could not “just move on” or “just ignore her”. I … Continue reading Rejection is NOT Fatal