A magical Part II to the Kind Stranger Story

Dear Friends I’ve had so many responses to my story about the stranger who paid our bill yesterday. Thank you! How did I get so lucky to know so many wonderful people? I’m thinking about HOW I can get you all involved in something meaningful that we could do together. Thank you.  That’s not why I am writing though. Something even more wonderful happened after … Continue reading A magical Part II to the Kind Stranger Story

Twenty Something & Crazy

I arrived at the office at 6am. I rehearsed my speech a few times.  First at my desk.  Then in his office. I was planning to do that a few times more before my boss arrived at 8am sharp. But, as life would have it, he arrived early.   He neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr arrived early. “Oh!  You’re early too?” he said. That’s when I had to make the decision.  I could either … Continue reading Twenty Something & Crazy